It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal blog post. I’ve been super excited to do reviews and overviews of beauty related things, it just kind of got pushed to the side. But this is my blog and i’ll bore you guys if I want! Not to worry though: subscribers aren’t sent notifications about personal posts (at least – they shouldn’t be anymore.) Anyway, i’d tell you guys that don’t care about Eden-Avalon the person to leave but then you’d miss out the teaser pics for my next few reviews at the end of the post. …Or you could just scroll down.

Lately, school has been eating up so much of my time that other parts suffer. My biggest project of the year is hitting the point where actual manual labor will be involved – not something I’m looking forward to. What bugs me most about it is that I sometimes feel I’m hauling ass for some of the more rest-on-their-laurels type members of my group. Bah. Stupid education, interrupting the things that actually matter! Rping, for instance has gone down in favor of writing essays. MAYBE if a certain blonde coquette (heretofore known as Harpy) would post for an equinophobic character of hers things could move along. Time with le boyfriend has been cut down considerably by my near constant need to do some piece of homework or other. He’s been a doll about it and I’m doing my best to show my appreciation with uncharacteristic displays of lovey-woo-woo talk.

The sad truth is that my day is so jam packed full of NONfun that I write my blog posts at ungodly hours (1:48AM) and hold off posting them until later off in that day just so people don’t think i’ve gone off my rocker. Of course having admitted this now will mean that anyone who reads this post will now know that whatever time I post this is NOT the time I wrote it. C’est la vie.

So what is going on in the life of Ava?

The Scosche Dilemma

Most pressing on my mind right now is my Scosche dilemma. Scosche is a maker of audio products (think a higher-end Skullcandy but a lower end than BEATS) from whom I purchased my current earbuds. They retail for $99 but i can assure you I didn’t pay that much or them. Anyway, things were all well and good for the first two months when, in the middle of listening to music, one of the earbuds went out on me. I wrote to Scosche and called in the 1 year warranty. They sent me a replacement but I was unable to open the box for a week. Once I finally opened the box what met my eyes but this Spanish inducing sight:

"PORQUE?!" Exclaimed an exhasperated Eden-Avalon.

The sight before you is one of a microphone enclosure that has somehow managed to fall apart before even being opened. Right away I wrote to what’s-his-face at Scosche, who told me he would be sending out a replacement immediately.

14 Days Later…

No replacement, two accidentally superglued fingers and lots of WD-40 later I managed to glue the enclosure together enough that I can at least use the headphones. Still – slightly annoyed that I haven’t gotten the replacements I promised and unsure about whether or not I will be returning to Scosche for my next set of overpriced audio thingies. The quality of the audio itself is pretty good for what are considered midrange buds but not worth the 3 replacements I will have gone through in only 4 months of owning them. My $10 Gumy headphones outlasted these puppies (and if it wasn’t for the fact that they lacked a mic and remote for the iPod I would have stuck with them!) The guy from Customer Service wrote back to me asking to confirm my address which means they didn’t even send the replacement yet! Depressing! But I wasn’t going to complain. Hopefully they’ll get here soon.

Wait did I just accidentally review something? Crap! I CAN STOP ANYTIME I WANT I SWEAR.

I Cut My Hair!! (4 Inches, Gone.)

The pictures I inadvertently took of my hair during the Wiggin’ Out, Wig Liners and Cliss Wig review post photo session inspired me to chop off my hair. Unfortunately, the only pictures I have of the new ‘do are of me wearing the DollyEye Grays – so you’ll have to wait for the review to come out before you get to oogle the shortness. At first I was a little freaked out about how short it looked – even after it’d been straightened. After giving it a few days I found that my lightning fast hair growth resulted in a haircut i’m pretty satisfied with. I thought Dustin would hate it for sure (he loved my long hair!) but he repeatedly told me how cute it looked! Ironically, I wore my DollyEye Greys to school the same day I debuted the new haircut. The lenses, of course, stole the spotlight and only today did anyone actually notice the massive loss of dead protein life.

What’s the name for a Black Tipped manicure?

On that same day I got my nails done. This was less of an indulgence and more of a necessity. I’ve been running around with acrylics everywhere but one thumb due to my stunning ability to chip acrylic nails off less than a day after they’ve been ‘did.’ I’d originally gone with the traditional French Manicure. But, I rarely wear white and I felt like being rebellious (in a perfectly coloring in the lines sort of way.) Hence:

I got the toes to match but I don't want to give you crazy Foot Fetish people any more free porn D<

Mall Fun!

As I said above, the time eating monster that is school has taken a lot of time away from Dustin. Still, Sunday is our day and this Sunday had a particularly favored highlight of mine. A trip to Tokyo Lifestyle!




Also had Sbarro’s, which I heard is going bankrupt!I really hope it’s not true. They’re my favorite mall chain. Those potatoes are yummers.

And Now…The Teaser


That’s Right. Be excited.

<3 EA