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Cutest Website Update Ever

So! If we ignore the fact that as of late my posts have circled the realm of Beauty and Fashion like a vulture around a tasty carcass, it is safe to say that i’m not a cute type person.

Wait before you disagree friends! People who know me online will often describe me in one way, whereas people who know me IRL will describe in in another. I have yet to be able to get the two sides to agree fully on who I am; there’s no way I’M going to try to solve the puzzle here. Not really anyway. Below are two images which I feel best identify the differences between IRL Ava and Online Ava



In addition to the extremely long and somewhat ranty blog post below, I’ve also done something useful and updated the website. I’ve added 200 new avatars/icons to the Nature section. They’re really quite stunning. Check them out!

I’ve also posted some new quiz results. ;3 They’re below in case you don’t want to dig through the PQR page.

You Are the Butterfly

You are highly skilled and competent. You are a bit of a natural. 

And while you were born with many talents, you’ve also worked hard for what you know. Practice makes perfect!

You make difficult things look effortless. You always carry yourself with grace.

You try to live a life of balance that you can sustain over the years. You don’t run your self ragged.



New Design

God knows that TRFT has needed a new layout since the last one was created…back in Fall of 2008. I was completely uninspired to do it until I started thinking about some of the more basic flash elements I learned back in the day. Simplistic boxes in a mosiac-like that twirled and bounced their names when hovered over. They were really clean and minimalistic but at the same time had a fun edge to them. I took that idea and some inspiration from a design i’d done for a friend where images were split between a table to create this look.

The colors started out as bright primaries and slowly morphed to subtler pastels. They’re really soothing to look at, even if they don’t entirely go together. The little chibi of myself is part MakeME and part vector work done in Paint Shop Pro. It’s simple, clean and cute (and a huge change from the antique/patterned design the site had before.) I hope this one lasts, as it’s not really tied to a season I may not feel the need to change it in a while. It definitely has staying power.

In celebration of the update, i’ve uploaded a batch of 300 to the avatars collection in the content section of my site.  100 each for the Girly, Misc, and Technology sections. I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for my website, right?