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Summer Is NOT The Season Of Rest

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For someone that can be so quirky, it surprises a lot of people to know that I plan on going into the straight-laced career of Criminal Prosecution Attorney. Basically, the lawyer who’s always the bad guy in the movies. Haha.

In order to get there of course, I need to get into the best law school possible. Certain life situations make my choices limited to nearby schools – which means that I need to get the best score on my LSAT (LAw School Admissions Test) to get as much funding from my choice schools. My LSAT score without practicing is actually quite high – but I’d get even more money if I could boost it up a few more points. So I signed up for a study course run by a single Professor in one of my choice law schools UC Irvine. The class schedule is pretty rigorous, you can view it here. For example: this Saturday and Sunday I will be taking the class from 10AM-7pm with only an hour break for lunch. x _ x Ugh. The things we do for our future.

In addition to that: I am working a full time job for my family and two part time freelance jobs. I also have Bucket to worry about, that’s a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

You see currently I live in Long Beach, CA and Bucket LIVED in Anaheim, CA. That’s about 24 miles or 45 minutes of driving.

A bit of a drive, but not too bad.

BUT Bucket has recently been given an opportunity to basically get free room and school…the only catch? He has to move to San Diego. Here’s a visual.


Getting the picture? When I first found out I was hysterical – I was sure the relationship would end. I’ve had plenty of long distance relationships but they STARTED out that way. This is completely different. Bucket assured me not to worry, that everything would be fine yada yada. I’ve had about two months to make my peace with it and it’s happening today whether I like it or not. The only thing is that Bucket finally realized what a HUGE move this is and what a big change it will be. For one thing, we won’t be able to go back to his place when neither of us wants to do anything but still wants to spend time together. And staying at my place? With my family? It’s so not an option.

We wouldn't even be allowed to be alone in my room!

And while we both agree we will be able to get rooms and find other things to replace video games…it’s just not going to be the same.

Not to mention that I’m about to jump into Law School and essentially commit relationship suicide. I’ll try my hardest by keeping Bucket involved and informed about my law studies, but it’s kind of hard to do it when he keeps making fart noises. -w-; (BTW here‘s an excellent article on maintaining a relationship through law school.)

Plus of course blogging, RP, gaming and all the other doo-dads I find to consume my time. All in all. I’m a tired person.

Hope your lives are doing well!

<3 EA

I Dislike Children

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My dislike of children began a little bit under two decades ago, when I was one. I was never very good at being a child. For the most part, I was quiet, thoughtful, mature, sarcastic and prone to long bouts of bitter sadness. I remember sharing graham crackers and coffee with my 2nd grade teacher during recess and having philosophical debates with my 9th grade Chem teacher. My dislike of children was cemented in 11th grade when I had to do the required 40 hours of high school community service in a toddler center.

Last semester I had plenty of opportunity to go on and on about my dislike of children in one of my group dynamic classes. One of the from that group invited me to her birthday party recently and it was at this party that I realized my dislike has blossomed into full blown hate.

Throughout the day, the children present at the party seemed to NEED to crowd around me. Birthday girl (Licky for the purposes of this blog) spent a good portion of the day warning the children to stay away from me because “Eden doesn’t like kids.” Various times children walked up to me and told me stuff, to which I would reply “…I don’t care.” Bucket had to physically restrain me from punching a child that climbed on top of me. BUT that was not the highlight of my party.

At some point, a pinata was hanging around people’s legs as we tried to figure out how to hang it. The birthday girl decided to playfully kick the pinata…straight into the face of a child. And suddenly the 5-8+ people my age in attendance all stopped and stared at me. AND I LAUGHED. I found so much joy from that annoying child’s pain that even the birthday girl stopped and remarked that I most likely wished it had been me who had kicked the child in the face. FYI…when we finally got the pinata hung, I was the one to knock it down after 3 hits – preventing several children from getting their chance.

THIS WHOLE POST HAS A POINT.  I’m not just some psycho who dislikes children.

I have often denied my motherly instinct, despite the fact that I have been told I am a good caretaker to my cats. TBH I care a lot more about my cats than I ever have any child. I don’t see myself wanting children ever and doubt I would be able to raise them successfully. In a world where women are judged by their ability to mother…what does this make me?

As a girl we’re required to like certain things. If we don’t, we’re considered a little off. It took me a while to accept and embrace my hatred of children…even if not everyone else has.

So my question is this: do you have anything in your life that you feel you SHOULD like but don’t? What is it?

<3 EA

NekoBlog Giveaway Package

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A few weeks ago, I won the giveaway Neko-Chan had on her blog. There were three possible winners and I got to choose my prizes. The package arrived on the 2nd of July, but I only now had time to upload and resize the pictures.

It was a fairly funny scene when the postal walker walked up through our driveway just as my family was headed out to lunch. We were already pulling out of the driveway when I saw she had a large yellow parcel. I squealed loudly and moved the window down and took the package while standing in the car. She looked so afraid! Even my family was wondering what the hub-bub was about. Poor me, I had to wait until the end of the day to get home and look at the goodies within!

The first thing that I pulled out was this lovely card from Neko-Chan herself. Her personal message, the care with which she selected the image and added stickers made me happy that i’ve gotten to know this wonderful person.