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A Boring Post, Followed By A Teaser!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal blog post. I’ve been super excited to do reviews and overviews of beauty related things, it just kind of got pushed to the side. But this is my blog and i’ll bore you guys if I want! Not to worry though: subscribers aren’t sent notifications about personal posts (at least – they shouldn’t be anymore.) Anyway, i’d tell you guys that don’t care about Eden-Avalon the person to leave but then you’d miss out the teaser pics for my next few reviews at the end of the post. …Or you could just scroll down.


Wiggin’ Out

Erm...No Thanks Brit.

There has been at least one day in every woman’s life when she decided she was going to give up. When the fly aways too airborne, the tangles un-tameable and the frizz too much like the junk you pull out of your dryer what does one do? No. Tempting as it may be to follow in Miss. Britney Spears’ shaved head example, ridding yourself of your hard grown locks is not the answer. I’ll do another blog at some point on taming your hair the natural way, the unnatural way and a combination of both. But today is a day for the lazy woman. And that lazy woman is me.


A Social Experiment Day

Anyone outside of the online community that knows me even remotely well knows that I am less than social. Some (everyone) might even venture so far as to say that I am antisocial. With my aspie tendencies, avoidance, my social anxiety and my general disdain for humanity make me hesitate to really spend any time with people. I like being alone, or with the cats.

The rare people that have managed to make it into my life are there to stay, don’t get me wrong. I don’t accept people easily and usually it happens on a gut instinct. I get a good feeling about someone, I am instantly completely devoted to them. People make me uncomfortable. I feel that instant friendliness is a mask for some sort of potential personal gain. I’m never friendly on first site. Hell, I can be downright bitchy.

Today started out like any other day. Get up. Fall back asleep. Be nauseous. Fall asleep. Work. Fall asleep. Get ready for school and go.

This is where the routine changed.