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Back To School…mostly

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I’m not sure how familiar people are with the California University system, but it’s in pretty poor shape. Budgets cut, fees raised (and raised again), classes are down but the number of peple required inside a classroom for the class to continue has been raised. What should have been my first class, Aesthetics (philosophy) is most likely going to be cut because there are only 14 enrolled students. Where before the class could have run with a mere 9 students, there are now 18 people required for that class to run. It’s an elective philosophy course and such classes have never acrued that many students – not even in the past when money was not an issue. The teachers seem to be considering a strike and the students are talking walk outs…it’s a huge mess!


But that’s not what bothers me. Am I irked that I showed up to my 11:30am Aesthetics class, which was released 10 minutes later, and then had to wait for my 2:30 Hegel to Nietzsche class? Yes. But what bothered me more was that the students who did show up weren’t paying very much attention.


I know it’s back to school time and that our brains aren’t quite there yet. I won’t deny that I chat, text and the like during class – but I pay attention and am fully capable of holding my own during the conversation. When the perky blonde sitting in front of me spends her whole day texting and then asks “Wait…so what is Hegel?” In the middle of our lecture on the Phenomenology of Spirit…it’s mildly insulting.


I also, as you know – take an LSAT course at night. I SHOULD be in it right now … but my carpool didn’t show up. Apparently half of them decided to skip the first week of school in favor of a vacation…the other half? Well they’re not even replying to my text messages or phone calls. It’s a fairly expensive course and I NEED it to boost my LSAT score up to where i’d like it to be…so what the heck?


Why the apathy? Why the blahs? As my Aesthetics Professor put it so blatantly, “Your generation seems intent on becoming lever pullers and automaton-like secretaries. Where is the thought?”


I sometimes (often) worry that our generation is getting stupider by the minute. We know a lot more about the world at large, we’re a lot more tech savvy – but where is the drive for education? For understanding? We’re know-it-alls who know nothing. And it bugs me. Because in under 15 years it’s this age-bracket that will be running the world. And if it’s anything like the way we run our academics…everyone’s doomed.


Summer Is NOT The Season Of Rest

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For someone that can be so quirky, it surprises a lot of people to know that I plan on going into the straight-laced career of Criminal Prosecution Attorney. Basically, the lawyer who’s always the bad guy in the movies. Haha.

In order to get there of course, I need to get into the best law school possible. Certain life situations make my choices limited to nearby schools – which means that I need to get the best score on my LSAT (LAw School Admissions Test) to get as much funding from my choice schools. My LSAT score without practicing is actually quite high – but I’d get even more money if I could boost it up a few more points. So I signed up for a study course run by a single Professor in one of my choice law schools UC Irvine. The class schedule is pretty rigorous, you can view it here. For example: this Saturday and Sunday I will be taking the class from 10AM-7pm with only an hour break for lunch. x _ x Ugh. The things we do for our future.

In addition to that: I am working a full time job for my family and two part time freelance jobs. I also have Bucket to worry about, that’s a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

You see currently I live in Long Beach, CA and Bucket LIVED in Anaheim, CA. That’s about 24 miles or 45 minutes of driving.

A bit of a drive, but not too bad.

BUT Bucket has recently been given an opportunity to basically get free room and school…the only catch? He has to move to San Diego. Here’s a visual.


Getting the picture? When I first found out I was hysterical – I was sure the relationship would end. I’ve had plenty of long distance relationships but they STARTED out that way. This is completely different. Bucket assured me not to worry, that everything would be fine yada yada. I’ve had about two months to make my peace with it and it’s happening today whether I like it or not. The only thing is that Bucket finally realized what a HUGE move this is and what a big change it will be. For one thing, we won’t be able to go back to his place when neither of us wants to do anything but still wants to spend time together. And staying at my place? With my family? It’s so not an option.

We wouldn't even be allowed to be alone in my room!

And while we both agree we will be able to get rooms and find other things to replace video games…it’s just not going to be the same.

Not to mention that I’m about to jump into Law School and essentially commit relationship suicide. I’ll try my hardest by keeping Bucket involved and informed about my law studies, but it’s kind of hard to do it when he keeps making fart noises. -w-; (BTW here‘s an excellent article on maintaining a relationship through law school.)

Plus of course blogging, RP, gaming and all the other doo-dads I find to consume my time. All in all. I’m a tired person.

Hope your lives are doing well!

<3 EA