So, I dropped my wireless mini-mouse one too many times and it finally crapped out on me. Luckily, my Uncle was willing to spot me the cash (all of it went to Shiro’s Vet Bills) for a replacement. I absolutely love it. I was a little iffy about the size and shape at first (it’s FAT) but I quickly adjusted. I love the fact that it works on just about any surface. Definitely recommend getting one if you’re in the market. It’s pretty good for a portable laptop mouse: five buttons, laser pew-pew tracking and non-bluetooth for the energy saver in you. It’ll apparently run for a year on a single battery! The shape took about five seconds of getting used to before it became infinitely more comfortable than the old one (may it R.I.P).

Also, completely against my better judgment and that of my BF I went ahead and splurged on an iPod Touch 4g. That damn built-in microphone was just too much to resist. I love it and the one Dustin bought me has a good home with my little sister – but there’s just one thing that bugs me…I have to re-do my PERFECT SCORE on Angry Birds! It’s not the first time I’ve had to go through the entire game again, in fact it’ll be the 4th, so I know it’s doable. At the same time I wish there was some way to just preserve my scores in perpetuity so I could admire them from time to time. They are just so pretty.

The iPod itself is pretty slim. There’s a noticeable weight difference. The buttons are a little more recessed; which, although it adds to the styling elements, makes them harder to press. They weren’t BSing about that Retina Display either. My older iPod looked yellow and pixel-y by comparison. The upgraded processor only seems a tiny bit faster than the older model. But the sound quality is better from the integrated speaker.

Oh. Harmony and I discovered that the iPod responds to cat’s paws as well as human fingers. We suspect they will be using this power to take over the world any time now.

To go with my new iPod (and to replace the bedraggled old ones) I also purchased a new set of earphones. The Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Noise-Isolation Earphones with tapLINE II Remote and Mic to be specific. The manufacture’s website sells them for $100 bucks a pop but Amazon is a godsend in the form of an over 50% discount. Despite not having any noise cancellation features they block out the rest of the world like a dream. I haven’t had to turn the volume on the iPod higher than level 2 even in the nosiest of environments. And, for whatever reason, I find the cord noise oddly soothing. They even have enough base to play my binuraul beat programs for sleepy-time! Not that I need them, because of Dustin’s AWESOME yule present.

He got me a practically new mini-hi-fi system with iPod dock, Radio, Alarm and remote: Sony’s MHC-EC98pi. It consists of two speakers, a huge sub woofer and the main part of the set. The sound is great and it has definitely improved my sleep. After all, who can stay awake when surrounded by the sounds of tranquil rain forests and a hairdryer? No really, that’s an actual setting on one of my sleep-noise programs!

The above is part of my new entertainment system (which is really just my plasma, laptop and speaker system all connected by some awesome CablesUnlimited products.) All I’m waiting on is the dock-extension cable I ordered from Shanghai…a month ago. God I hope it gets here soon. I really need to get to work on the Angry Birds score without having to worry about draining the battery!

Finally, Dustin did me the awesome favor of getting me a Syba, 7-port, powered USB hub to supplement all my awesome tech goodies. I wanted one really badly but didn’t have the money for it. Out of nowhere he announced he was buying it (I hadn’t even told him about it) which resulted in some minor repetitions of “I WANT A SYBA” over and over again for a few…weeks. It got here and it’s AWESOME. I have more ports than I know what to do with now and it feel GOOD.

I guess the point of this post was: I like shinies. Now watch this video of a cat playing Angry Birds and begone!

<3 EA