Now. Anyone who knows me knows that i’m a prude! I’m even offended by the bleach-blonde ed hardy trucker hat wearing girls. So why doesn’t the above video offend me at all? And why is it so upsetting to the adults that watch it?

Here’s the thing. I have a history in dance. Classical dance, ballet, ballroom, even a little bit of burlesque! The one type of dance that I never touched was African, because I can’t coordinate my body to jerk that well. THESE little girls have mastered those techniques beautifully (not to mention the turns!) The movements are animalistic, raw, passioante but I definitely stop at calling them sexy. Why is it that anything involving a bit of hip motion becomes associated with fornication? It’s DANCE. It’s supposed to invoke something raw in you. The girls are obviously (look at their faces!) having a great time. They did beautifully, the crowd is cheering them on and loving it. Frankly I think their moves are brilliant. They have excellent control and in a few years will be perfect. To put it in the words of Ms. Banks, they’re fierce. Is it a little risque? Maybe. But less than 100 years ago showing your CALVES was risque.

I’m not saying that children should go out dressed like this all the time. But these girls were what? 7? 8? Performing at a national dance competition instead of staying home and getting fat? The costume isn’t all that revealing. They’re wearing mid-thigh shorts and showing some stomach. Who looks at that and thinks, “sex?!” Pedobear. That’s who. Not any sane, rational adult who can see that this is entertainment and nothing else. I just don’t feel that people should be making hysterical conclusions that our children are going down the moral drain when all this is is a dance competition. Will it happen again? Yes. Is that okay? Yes again! We should be proud of these children for doing something constructive with their lives. 10 or 15 years from now these girls WON’T be pregnant or on the streets. They’ll be at schools like Indiana State with their dance scholarships in hand!

Biologically speaking. Children are evolving at faster and faster rates. What’s the average age to start your period now? 11? I started when I was 10! We can’t keep kids locked up forever. Abstinence and non-education don’t work. The best thing to do is tell children the facts and guide them through making intelligent decisions. There’s a reason the bible-belt also has the highest rates of teen pregnancy. The world that once was (where girls were courted and boys had no penises until they were married) are over! You have to adjust! Information is the key to prevention of any issue.

So stop whining about the pedobears enjoying this routine. Stop wishing the parents painful deaths for being “negligent” enough to allow their children to perform the routine. Stop telling us that YOUR child would never be allowed to even HEAR about this routine. If you want something to worry about, let’s start with this. Now that’s overt sexuality! See the difference?