What I seriously need to start considering is a life. I mean, I just spent an entire free day getting my personal website back up and running. It’s got about 10% left to go but MAN am I satisfied. I haven’t been this fulfilled since I finished watching all three seasons of Avatar – The Last Airbender with Dustin.

Don’t get me wrong. I love TRFT, I do. What working on it’s new setup made me realize was that I really don’t like my host. Way-back-when I did everything manually (the site runs on WordPress now) there was no issue. What did I care if Yahoo disabled the mail() function or didn’t give me access to the htacces and php.ini files? I was doing it on my own! I didn’t need php files that called up obscure functions.

But now i’m a lazy college student with too little time to waste on doing everything by-hand. Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn’t make it easy to make use of the easiest web-publishing platform known to nerd-kind. It took me TWO HOURS to get the contact form up and running! And as far as setting up basic things like that? I’m no spring chicken. Bgawk

Before I go to sleep I’m going to create a small button and post it in various plugboards. Maybe I can attract myself some affiliates. All of my old ones are no longer among us RIP!

What’s worse? Loading your plate with way too much to do in the real world? Or ignoring all that stuff for the digital world? You tell me!

<3 Eden-Ava