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All Three Of My Insane Cats (Youngest To Oldest)
Their Favorite Toys

This is Merlin. He’s the youngest of my cats, but he’s got the BIGGEST little-man complex. Lately he can’t even be in the same room as Shiro. They’re both trying to be the alpha-male and it’s pretty one-sided in Shiro’s favor. He’s very loud. Ask anyone.
Birthdate – April 13

Age – 10 Years

Zodiac Sign – Aries

Favorite Color – Green

Favorite Food(s) – Anything Beef

Hobbies – Sleeping, Eating, Being Cute…More Sleeping…Meowing…Meowing…Meowing

This is Puss. He’s only slightly older than Merlin but he takes the big brother position well. He’s very cuddly, but doesn’t like to have his head touched. He is a “special needs” kitty but that hasn’t stopped him from getting along well with his two siblings.
Birthdate – March 13

Age – 11 Years

Zodiac Sign – Pisces

Favorite Color – Red

Favorite Food(s) – Chicken/Milk

Hobbies – Cuddling, Trying To Convince People To Give Him Milk


This is Shiro. He’s easily the strongest (and oldest) of the three cats. He’s really quite fond of the company of female cats (which is why we don’t have any!) We never could train him not to spray.
Birthdate – December 13

Age – 11 Years

Zodiac Sign – Taurus

Favorite Color – Blue

Favorite Food(s) – Shrimp…Tuna…Fish, Anything Fish

Hobbies – Sleeping, Roughhousing

These are my cat’s favorite toys. From Left To Right are Pink Panther (Merlin’s) Mr. Pickles (Shiro’s) and Kit (Puss’s)
Sometimes it’s quite funny to see how protective they are of their individual toys, to the point of growling if you try and take them.
Cats…what can you do?