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A few weeks ago, I won the giveaway Neko-Chan had on her blog. There were three possible winners and I got to choose my prizes. The package arrived on the 2nd of July, but I only now had time to upload and resize the pictures.

It was a fairly funny scene when the postal walker walked up through our driveway just as my family was headed out to lunch. We were already pulling out of the driveway when I saw she had a large yellow parcel. I squealed loudly and moved the window down and took the package while standing in the car. She looked so afraid! Even my family was wondering what the hub-bub was about. Poor me, I had to wait until the end of the day to get home and look at the goodies within!

The first thing that I pulled out was this lovely card from Neko-Chan herself. Her personal message, the care with which she selected the image and added stickers made me happy that i’ve gotten to know this wonderful person.

My super cute winnings included:

  1. Usacafe Bunny Plush
  2. Owl Buttons
  3. Chicky Shaped Candles (which I will never burn!)
  4. EXTRA 3 YUMMY chocolate bars! <3
  5. 2 Little Notebooks
  6. Escada perfume sample
  7. Cupcake shaped purse!
  8. Lip gloss cell phone charm

Whaa! Aren’t they cute? :3 I’m going to have to send Neko-Chan something to thank her for my wonderful prizes.

Have you ever won a giveaway? Did you love your prizes as much as I loved mine?

<3 EA