So, the nurse that forwarded me to the Psychology service (and who prescribed me Wellbutrin) asked me to keep a running log of my moods and feelings. The problem is that lately I feel exactly the same all the time. No, that’s not the problem. The problem is that the way I feel all the time can only be described as, “blah”, “numb” or “meh.”

Just when I think that things might change I’m blasted with reminders that everything will always be exactly the same. Not only am I stuck in a household of people that are together strictly out of convenience – but I care about everyone there. Certainly more than they all care about me. Is it wrong to feel a sense of loyalty to people who have nothing but feelings for themselves?

So I actually wrote this entry on June 5th. Ironically enough I was called away from the laptop by some major drama. Typical. Anyway! Onto the actual entry for today! After the…actually…right above this one.