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So, I dropped my wireless mini-mouse one too many times and it finally crapped out on me. Luckily, my Uncle was willing to spot me the cash (all of it went to Shiro’s Vet Bills) for a replacement. I absolutely love it. I was a little iffy about the size and shape at first (it’s FAT) but I quickly adjusted. I love the fact that it works on just about any surface. Definitely recommend getting one if you’re in the market. It’s pretty good for a portable laptop mouse: five buttons, laser pew-pew tracking and non-bluetooth for the energy saver in you. It’ll apparently run for a year on a single battery! The shape took about five seconds of getting used to before it became infinitely more comfortable than the old one (may it R.I.P).

Also, completely against my better judgment and that of my BF I went ahead and splurged on an iPod Touch 4g. That damn built-in microphone was just too much to resist. I love it and the one Dustin bought me has a good home with my little sister – but there’s just one thing that bugs me…I have to re-do my PERFECT SCORE on Angry Birds! It’s not the first time I’ve had to go through the entire game again, in fact it’ll be the 4th, so I know it’s doable. At the same time I wish there was some way to just preserve my scores in perpetuity so I could admire them from time to time. They are just so pretty.


Sick Kitty, Sweet Kitty, Shut Up Kitty!

Anyone who knows me knows that i’m a cat person. Not a person who likes cats – a person who’s DNA is comprised of CAT LOVINGS. Recently, Shiro (my eldest) has been having some health issues. It started off innocently enough: tongue sticking out, light drool, growling noise when he ate. We took him to the vet (found out he had an enlarged heart), they gave no diagnosis and treated him with antibiotics and steroids. Done? No.

About three weeks later the symptoms came back with a vengeance. After taking him to the vet we were given a pretty grim set of options: remove all his teeth with a 60% chance of curing his stomatitis, blast off the skin of his throat and gums with lasers for an unknown chance of a cure and finally, put him on immuno-suppressants for the rest of his life (which, on immuno-suppressants, wouldn’t be much longer.) It was an agonizing choice and regardless of which option we went for, the vet seemed keen on reminding us that one of the other options would “probably, eventually” be necessary. For a while we even thought it could be cancer! Luckily, it wasn’t.


New Design

God knows that TRFT has needed a new layout since the last one was created…back in Fall of 2008. I was completely uninspired to do it until I started thinking about some of the more basic flash elements I learned back in the day. Simplistic boxes in a mosiac-like that twirled and bounced their names when hovered over. They were really clean and minimalistic but at the same time had a fun edge to them. I took that idea and some inspiration from a design i’d done for a friend where images were split between a table to create this look.

The colors started out as bright primaries and slowly morphed to subtler pastels. They’re really soothing to look at, even if they don’t entirely go together. The little chibi of myself is part MakeME and part vector work done in Paint Shop Pro. It’s simple, clean and cute (and a huge change from the antique/patterned design the site had before.) I hope this one lasts, as it’s not really tied to a season I may not feel the need to change it in a while. It definitely has staying power.

In celebration of the update, i’ve uploaded a batch of 300 to the avatars collection in the content section of my site.  100 each for the Girly, Misc, and Technology sections. I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for my website, right?