So, over the course of the last two days i’ve been working on:

1. Creating my younger sister’s wordpress

2. Getting the Neko Kao smilies/moods you see above implemented through Cricket Moods and some fun PHP editing.

3. Getting the “I’m Listening To” custom field to display in just the right place. I wanted it below the mood but I’m in no condition to get it there right now because…

I’m horribly, horribly ill. Not even the fun kind of illness. The kind where you fear that at any moment your insides will come spilling out and your head will burst. I’ve become dizzy from standing, sitting, laying, even turning around poses a serious risk of me falling onto my butt. I really hope i’m right about class being cancelled tommorrow. I’m not sure I can survive a lecture on Abnormal Personalities in Psychology. D: I’m abnormal enough! I don’t need further instruction!

I think it might be the combined stress of my family job, getting this site back up and running and preparing for the LSAT but I have just been feeling anxious, sick-to-my-stomach and now this mysterious headache that won’t go away. As much as I love being productive I think I should figure out a way to manage my stress better. I’m a naturally anxious person and with all this pressure on me it’s only natural to let it all go to my head, natural but not healthy. Maybe I should start doing meditation again? (But I have no time!)

What do you do to relax?

In other news! My new phone got here! For those of you that aren’t aware (How could you be? This is the first time i’m bringing it up!) an evil pothole made me spill soda on my last phone. I upgraded from the LG Lotus to the LG Lotus Elite. It’s super sleek and feels a LOT more substantial in my hand than the Lotus did. I don’t have the fear that the hinge is going to crack on this phone, like I did with the old one. The biggest issue I have with it is its glossy exterior. It’s just begging to be scratched up. The touch screen isn’t as responsive as I’m used to; but that may very well be because I’ve been spoilt by my iPod Touch.  I am defnitely going to get a case for it but i’m torn between the ZAGG Invisible Shield (a military grade, stick-on plastic cover that is supposed to be indescructable) or THIS adorable piece of super-cuteness. Function over super-cuteness? I’m so torn!

<3 Eden-Ava