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“I thought you forgot that – Harmony
I’m like an elephant…I stomp on you! – Myself”
~Psh…Who needs never-forgetting when you can have revenge?

“I bring the one who cries many nights without stop. – Harmony (Handing Over Merlin)
President Bush, it’s nice to meet you. – Myself”
~Me, My Sister and My Cat

“Pigeons are evil- Harmony
I like pigeons- Myself
Me too- Harmony”
~We Like Evil

“Fergie what happened to your humps? Your humps?-Myself
Yeah and your lovely lady lumps?-Harmony”
~After Thinking I Saw Fergie In An Old Movie

“I’m wearing a scarf for support – Myself
You are ridiculous. So typically Eden. ‘I fractured a vertebrae in my neck but its okay cause i have a scarf!’”
~Just Me And My Whiplash

“Eden, What does she know? – Angel
I don’t know, what do you know? – Myself
Everything. I’m omnipotent – Alexandra”
~Why yes we’re all insane

“Contact Geometric Shapes – Alexandra
Yes! Triangle and rectangle got into the real estate business. Circle and square tagged along because they droppd out of high school. – Myself
Pa pe pi po! – Alexandra”
~Harvest Moon : More Friends Of Mineral Town For Girls = <3

“I wish I was black so I could wear yellow. – Alexandra
Allie! That’s horrible! – Myself
No, really. Yellow just makes me look washed out. – Alexandra”
~Not a racist joke. An Allie is blonde joke.

“She killed the whole bondage time! – Harmony
Bonding time! – Myself”
~Our sisterly bonding is interrupted…

“Is there anyone sane in this world? – Harmony
Jesus? – Myself
IN this word, Jesus isn’t here anymore – Harmony
Oh…Buddha? – Myself”
~The concept of “in this world” escapes me.

“Who is Anna Nicole Smith? I’ve heard her name before but…-Harmony
She’s the trimspa lady! – Myself
Huh? – Harmony
She’s crazy. – Myself
Well that narrows it down to everyone – Harmony.”
~R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith

“What is your dying wish princess? – Harmony
Well…i’d like not to die… – Myself
The dragons aren’t going to like this – Harmony”
~I was sick

“Avalon, you’re so…naziesque.”
~Try to organize -one- baton race >_<

“I told you, I haven’t found it! – Myself
Found what?! – Harmony
The Control! – Myself
Control? I said Big Badger Mole! – Harmony”
~Avatar The Last Airbender and no Remote Control

“Boba and Kimi Wa Petto – Myself
OMG! Good combo! Crack and more crack! – Camille”
~Two Asian Girls Equote Hilarity

“You used to work PCH, you know people right? – Myself
Baby, I can get you into anything and visa versa. – Jon-Jon”
~Eden-Avalon On A Hypothetical Job Hunt With Assitance From Jon-Jon

“If I had a heart i’d cry – Myself
If you had a liver you’d throw it at people – Harmony
~Yeah…That’s the kind of conversation only siblings can have

“Wait…are you calling me depressed? – Myself
No. I’m calling your life depressing. Big difference. – Rat”
~Big difference…I guess…o_o;;

“I think you kill too much. – Rat
Who’s to say how much is too much….HA! GOT HIM IN THE HEAD – Myself”
~This was when I first discovered Bowman (which you can play in the Gameroom page.

“It’s just like Virginia and West Virginia – Myself
Yeah…there’s a West Virginia?! – Harmony”
~My little sister’s geography skills are inhuman

“Hey Eeeeeeden… – Jon
What? -Myself

Can I call you Boris? – Jon
No! – Myself
But you call me Jon and my name is Jonathan – Jon
But Jon obviously derives from it! How do you get Boris from Eden? – Myself
Well…uh…you see…they’re…similiar…because…Boris is Russian and…Eden is Hebrew…or somethin’ – Jon”
~My Name Is Not Boris

“You frapanese invertebrate you.”
~ Kiona

“But what reason would I have to lie to you? – Jayson
You’re human. Humans are instinctively driven to make my life hell. I swear, I saw it on the discovery channel. – Myself”
~I’m not pretty

Yes…~hides~ DON’T KILL ME” – Myself
Psh, should you get married, the guy will be lucky. He can get home and yell ‘wheres my dinner, woman?’ – Jon”
~Shouldn’t have been honest in that survey

“Can I kill Ben now? – Myself
No. But I have some boxes if you want them – Rina
To crush Ben with? – Myself
No – Rina
To store weapons…to kill Ben with? – Myself
No – Rina
To…ship…assasin…monkey…ninjas? To kill Ben with. – Myself
Yes, but only if you let me keep one of the killer assasin monkeys as a pet – Rina
No deal. I need them to perform other monkey/ninja/assasin related stuff – Myself
Just one? A baby ninja? – Rina
What do you need a baby ninja for? – Myself
Because they’re cuuuute – Rina”
~Oh the intelligence between friends.

“Crazy Lady – Jon
I am not – Myself
Sane lady – Jon
I AM NOT! – Myself
Umm…Eden lady? – Jon
I’ll go with that – Myself”
~What kind of lady am I?

“You do that every time! It makes me feel guilty without actually being guilty! – Myself
That’s the whole point. – Jon”
~Glomping Is Not Bad!

“You’re my peer! And you’re pressuring me! – Myself
You’ll be cool if you do it. – Alexandra”
~What would I do without my friends?

“So it’s up to you to decide…. who gets to decide. Wow, I make you sound schitzo.”

“Early to bed, early to rise…something something…get your ass up! – Nova
Makes you healthy wealthy and wise, STUPID. – Myself ”
~Another sister to sister talk.

“And I didn’t know I was stealing your bandwith, Im sorry. What’s bandwith?”

“Website hosts give you a certain amount of data you can transfer per month. I use a different host for my avatars then I use for my regular website, and their bandwidth (the amount of data I can transfer) is limited. Everytime the image loads, it takes up bandwidth…I’m going to have to do another analogy won’t i? – Myself
Keep talking – Alexandra
Okay, It’s like, there’s a magic troll who holds all my pretty graphics and he’ll let a few people on his bridge to look at them but if too many people go on the bridge, then the bridge falls down. And the pretty pictures die – Myself
I get it! – Alexandra”
~Alex Is So Tech Savvy

“Or maybe he just likes being a fat woman…-Myself
Can we switch places? – Harmony
You want to be a fat woman? – Myself
No! – Harmony
You want to be a skinny man? – Myself”
~Big Momma’s House 2 Does Things To The Mind

“One day you will look back on this and laugh – Harmony
Or if not, I will! – Myself”
~Sympathy is a beautiful thing

“Not anymore! My puppy ate it! – Myself
You don’t have a puppy! – Kiona”
~Because my puppy ate her homework

“I have such high goals! – Kiona
High hoes? – Myself
Goals! – Kiona”
~I swear I didn’t hear her!

“Your philosphy written in a book would be something like: If someone dies, laugh at them. If they need help, laugh at them. If they beg for help, offer it, then laugh at them. If they die of stress or dehydration, laugh at them EXTREMELY hard.”

“Dang, so what your saying is, I should stick to the principle of acting like myself, and being myself…right? – Justin
No. I’m saying you should stop trying to talk as if you were from the ghetto. It makes you sound like a moron. – Myself”
~Justin’s linguistics and my view of them

“I shouldn’t have had that green tea…bobo…bobobo…bababa…bo…-Myself
Boba? – Kiona
Yes please! -Myself”
~I just don’t belong in a Mall…

I’m not a child progigy ! – Eden
Clearly – Harmony
~On my ‘Child Prodigy-ness’

“It Needn’t Be Hell With Eden-Avalon”
~Slogan Name Generator

“How do you think she would look if she were an assasin – Matt
Exactly how she looks now…-Kiona
But with more shadowy clothes – Matt
No! Exactly how she looks now – Kiona
Yeah I agree – Me
She’d be like, making a joke and in the middle of it she’d be like
Stab – Both Myself and Kiona”
~On my assasination technique

“Stabbing me is not the answer”

“Only you would notice a limping seagull halfway across a parking lot.”
“hm…anyone?…what about noone?…huh?…or everyone?…if u gonna not tell anyone, u have to not tell the whole one crew…cause then anyone would hound them both…and u know how noone has really low self-esteem and will tell anyone willing to listen…and everyone is all self-centered and boasty…u really must be careful of these kinds of things.”
“Also, for someone who’s drunk, you’re pretty drunk.”
~Kiona (she meant to say coherent)
“Hi General Chickensauce!”
~Harmony (to me)
“I like Pretzels… – Myself
I Like Eggs… – Kiona
Oh please! Eggs dream of being Pretzels! – Me
Wait! I just thought of the coolest thing! – Kiona
What? – Me
Preggs! Pretzel shaped eggs! – Kiona
~Random Conversation With A Friend

“What’s Pagan Pride Day? – Bobbie
Well…erm…It’s…a day…where…Pagans…get together…and…have…pride? – Me”
~ Explaining Pagan Pride Day To A Friend

“Why would you murder him? – Rina
I would do no such thing…I’d hire someone else to do it, like a real lady. – Me”
~Eden-Avalon And Rina On Murder
“I qualify as both a country kid and a city kid! – Me
How? – Houshi
I was born in a city, and that city was in a country! – Me
….. – Houshi”
~Houshi and I While Watching MXC

“But I’m Telling You It’s Just Not Possible! – Me
Yeah Sure! With His Magical Vegetable Powers! – Me”
~My Youngest Sister Harmony And I On The Possibility Of Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Waterbending.
“Fa la day la dong ding, now I am a witchling! -Myself
Sing sing witchling – Kiona
Ring ring witchling – Myself
Wing wing witchling – Kiona
Ding ding witchling – Myself
Witchling witchling go! – Both”
~Ojamajo Doremi in English does scary things to the mind

” ‘Cause it would be intimidating to have some chick you’d never met IM you and know everything about your relationship – Ratty
Lol…it’s what I do…At least I helped him resolve his issues – Me
Uh huh..and then go round saying, “I’m a bad, bad witch” – Ratty
…Yes…That’s what I do… – Me ”
~On Whether Or Not I Intimidated I Complete Stranger
“Oh they’re replacing Janice Dickenson On America’s Next Top Model! – Me
With who? – Houshi
Twiggy! – Me
What’s that? – Houshi”
~Eden-Avalon And An Ex-Friend On AMNTM
“What sugary date? – Alexandra
You mean my surgery date? – Me”
~Alexandra On The Date Of My Surgery

“Sugary Date! I forgot about that…-Alexandra
That would be cool though…if it went bad you could like…eat them…-Me
Not really…instead of going on a date you could eat it. Like, each guy would be a different flavor of sugar…So you eat the date and make up your mind. – Alexandra
Wouldn’t it be gone by then? – Me
No…You only eat a little bit. – Alexandra
Right….- Me”
~Alexandra and I On The Concept Of “Sugary Dates”
“Eden! Stop messing with Hades! – Harmony
Why should I? – Myself
He’s the god of the underworld for crying out loud!
Oh everyone’s a god of the underworld nowadays – Myself”
~Me+Harmony+Kingdom Hearts=This
“Pass: edensucks or edenblows, I don’t remember…. -Ratty
Hey! – Me
what? OH SHIT! YOU’RE EDEN!! – Ratty ”
~Thanks Ratty
“Mr. Bondy in, Mr. Bondy’s Quest For Adventure! – Harmony
Mr. Bondy’s Quest For Adventure? Wait…so is he questing for? – Me
ADVENTURE! – Harmony”
~On My Bio/Chem Teacher
“She’s hot dude – Ratty
I’m sure she is…-Me
Like you didn’t notice – Ratty
Not really…no – Me
She’s got BIG boobs – Ratty
Men – Me
what? – Ratty
What do you mean what? – Me
OH SHIT!! – Ratty
What?! – Me
I’m so sorry, I forgot you were a gal – Ratty
~smack~ – Me”
~Eden-Avalon And Rat on Demi Moore

“That was the most polite bitch slap i’ve ever seen…”
~Kiona Jones On A Letter I Wrote To DIE!BenDIE!

“I’m uploading all my quiz results images to an independent remote image host so that it doesn’t use up all my website’s crummy bandwidth and lets me install the swf files that I need for the games
I’ll pretend I understood that. – Alexandra
Me put pictures in another room so that my first one isn’t so busy so that I can instal a “pinball” machine of sorts…Technically anyway – Me
I get it! – Alexandra
~Eden-Avalon And Alexandra On Her Technical Knowledge
“I’m Not Talking To You Anymore! – Houshi-san
What? Why Not? – Me
BECAUSE! You’re Eating Peanuts! – Houshi-san”
~An Arguement Between A Former Friend And I On My Eating Of Peanuts (I’m slightly allergic)

“It’s a five day week, I’m going to need more than one new outfit.-Me
A five day week? No way, you go to school on Saturday? – Pheobe”
~Pheobe On Shopping And Mathematics

“Hey sexy – Kial
You’re not my type. I like someone with at least half their brain – Myself”
~Random strangers shouldn’t approach me

“So, what astral body rules over Sunday? – Me
Erm…umm…uhh…- Harmony
Oh yeah right! How was I supposed to know that? And is monday MOONDAY?! – Harmony
YES!- Me”
~Trying to teach my sister planetary correspondances

“La Di Freakin Da – Me
That was cheerful – Kiona”
~Because I’m A Bucket Of Laughs

“Meow Meow Meow! That’s all you guys ever say! – Me (To Merlin, Shiro and Puss)
But they’re cats…- Tabitha
That’s EVERYONE’S excuse – Me”
~While wondering why my cats can’t give a decent excuse for sleeping on my clothes

“I’d have so much style if I were a mass murderer…Which I’m not…But I would…If I was…Which I’m not…-Me
Suuure you’re not… – Ratty
Was that sarcasm?! I’m going to mass murder you! – Me”
~A Exerpt From A Conversation I Had With A Close Friend

“Tabitha reminds me of a cat, Nova reminds me of my third grade teacher, Aoife is just weird, and Harmony…I don’t like that one. – Alexandra
Harmony is the only one I get along with! – Me”
~Alexandra On My Sister’s Names