So, I’m back on the wonderful world of the net!


To be honest, I recently had to bring my web publishing skills back into my life for a club I belong to in University. It wasn’t the most pleasant job. Though I was perfectly capable of the task, I found that a lot of my abilities had become rusty from lack of practice. It took a lot longer than it would have in the past. Everything’s just about finished now: it’s a traditional, professional and very BORING Law Society page.  Nothing at all like what I used to do here on TRFT.  Maybe that’s the inspiration for all this?

I’d been putting off the revamping of TRFT for about 2-3 years. I first placed the blame on my failing health, then on transitioning into University and then in my suddenly-perky social life. But there are no excuses! I mean, in 4 hours i’ve managed to get over half of this website up and running. There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m very pleased with my progress.

All the old navigation links are back up, but a few changes can be expected. I’ll be maintaining the Avatars, Quotes and Personality Quiz result archives (as seen under “Navigation”) but they will also be blogged as I get to them. Of course, they will be categorized into their respective names.  What this means is that when I decide to post up new avatars, I will make a post about it in my blog under the categories “Avatars”. The new avatars will be available for download in the posts, as well as by navigating to the Avatars page and going into the different categories. The same will go for all new Personality Quiz results and Quotes.

I’m also working on getting some new content up and running on the site. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see, feel free to leave me a note below.

<3 Eden-Ava