As you might, or might not know – I have three cats. Shiro (Approximately 12-13, has stomatitis & cardiacmyopathy ) Puss (12, who has Cerebellar hypoplasia) and Merlin (11, who’s just spoiled.) All three cats were feral rescues – and while Shiro is really my Aunt and Uncle’s cat, he’s still my responsibility. About a year ago he started showing signs of stomatitis (an allergic reaction to the tartar on his teeth. He had to have all the canines pulled and is on an immuno-suppressant. He was then diagnosed with cardiac mypoathy, which is incurable and will slowly cause his heart to fail out. Luckily, it’s not yet causing him pain.) Keep in mind, Shiro lived in alleys until age 5! Our neighbor scooped him up and threw him in a TERRIBLE kennel that kept him in the same cage with two larger cats. Since then he’s had a bad habit of eating everything in sight – which didn’t help the recently acquired condition I am about to discuss. Alley cats have an average lifespan of 4 years here in the states so he was already a veteran at that age. He’s got a terrible disposition, sprays everywhere and hates me because I smell like Merlin and he hates Merlin (they can’t even be in the same room!) But he’s still my boy.

Lately i’d noticed he was starting to drink more, urinate more and had lost about 2 lbs off his formerly 15 lbs figure. That’s the equivalent of a 120lbs person losing 16lbs in a week. We took him in for basic blood work and it turns out he has diabetes. This isn’t a death sentence or anything – but my aunt and uncle refused to pay, allow me to pay or treat the cat. They LITERALLY believe that vets make animals sick for money. Bah.  I won’t get into the specifics of it, but we aren’t very close so I can’t have an open dialog about this with them. After lengthy conversations with me having to tip toe around the fact that they caused this (they give him double feedings, feed him scraps and always think he’s hungry) they agreed to put him on a low carb diet, let me monitor his blood sugar at home and take him in for a one day curve (a curve is basically blood testing every two hours to determine how much insulin the body needs, how it handles it, etc.) The vet wanted a three day curve, which didn’t help my aunt and uncle’s perceptions about vets as that long a curve is archaic and totally unnecessarily. I joined an online community for owners of diabetic cats and have been IMMERSED in research all week. I’ll be curving Shiro at home myself over the weekend and am NOT looking forward to it. Anyway! Yes! Long story short, cats > makeup …every time.

Hopefully i’ll figure out a way to balance school, work, LSAT prep, boyfriend, friends, writing, the other cats’ needs, Shiro’s needs and makeup blogging. 8D What’s one more thing in the pile right?

<3 EA