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Wow this post is LONG overdue. I’d planned on writing it up when my move was complete but a bunch of other stuff took over. As you can see, I finally got another domain to separate my Beauty Blogging from my Personal blog AND I redesigned TRFT while I was at it.  This’ll be a quickie post but I think the pics make it worthwhile!

I found out about JapanLA’s Kittens and Ice Cream Art Show through the mecca of social interaction, Facebook. I’d heard of JapanLA’s themed art shows before but this was the first time my schedule allowed for me to attend one. I convinced Bucket to drive me with promises of my neverending thanks and joy. TBH the real reason I wanted to go was to get my hands on one of a few hand-painted, ceramic, locket-necklaces that were being advertised. Part of the proceeds of the sales went to help animals injured during the Japan tsunamis. How could any decent cat lover say no?!