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I Use My Webcam As A Mirror

WARNING WARNING: Self indulgent post. Semi rant…but not really. More like a declaration of stuff everyone already knows.

The prototypical image of Eden-Avalon, as described by a few long-…long-…long-term friends is as depicted below:


A long time ago: I decided it was far more convenient to use a good webcam as a mirror, rather than an actual mirror. That way I could stay on my laptop while maintaining my GLORIOUS SHINE. For a very long time, my only friends were males. Scratch that. My only friends were males ONLINE. With a handle like AvalonWitch, I’m surprised no one realized I was a girl earlier. The first instance of my being recognized as a member of Club Boobs was over a game of D&D via webcam chat. After that (that being the cancellation of the game to discuss whether or not I was REALLY a girl and many requests of “SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!”) I decided to make it quite obvious to anyone online that I was of the feminine gender.

I’ve gone through quite a metamorphosis. I used to be stick thin and averse to any socializing whats-so-ever-. Then I was grossly obese, bedridden and  chatting with online boys who couldn’t wrap their minds around a girl that liked video games. Now I’ve fallen into what Bucket likes to call “Curvy” and am somewhere between ironically social or voluntarily awkward. I embrace my nerdiness, I really do. From HEAVILY judgmentally toned remarks about how my sister didn’t know what a Venutian was to physically shoving people out of the way when they block my Stark Trek – I like nerdy stuff. I love computers, I love the warez and cracking scene and XKCD is my secret obsession. But…I use my webcam as a mirror.

But this post isn’t about boring you guys with my self-imposed contradictory nature. It’s about something that’s started bugging me as of…like an hour before I wrote this post. My blog lacks nerd!


Blogger Resource

When I reached out to Agnes Li. from Pinkbox Makeup for advice on jumping into beauty blogging. She said one thing that really caught my eye:

“If you are shy about chatting with others, maybe take a baby step and just start commenting on your favorite blogs more often. Try to make your comments meaningful (showing you actually read their post and not just to advertise your own blog) and you will soon find out for yourself how lovely our blogger community is :) Slowly, you’ll start to build a relationship with many people (both followers and fellow bloggers) and you may even become good friends with some! Along the way, im sure you’ll find many others who are just like you :) trying to spread beauty around to those who dont have as much confidence.”

Of course – I already followed a number of beauty and fashion blogs, commenting sporadically. But when I made it a part of my day to check my blogger for updates and to really focus I began to pick up on some “tools of the trade.” There are different tips, tricks and resources that bloggers can make use of to expand on their slowly budding empires writing. For my fellow newbie bloggers (or experienced ones looking for new things to try!) here’s what I’ve found so far.


Provided that a blogger is willing to follow the FTC rules of disclosure (ie: tell people certain posts were sponsored, if you were paid, if you got the product for free, yada yada.) Business2Blogger provides a fun link between bloggers and (duh) businesses. They send out an email every few days to bloggers featuring campaigns that business want to begin. Bloggers sign up and the businesses select bloggers for their campaigns. It’s not always about who has the most Google Friends or hits (though it helps!) so small blogs have a chance. Oh, did I mention it’s free?


This is how I got the CoverGirl stuff! BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth agency; companies hire them to collect people to try out samples/services and then review them. They accept pictures, tweets, facebook posts, blog posts and reviews on the BzzAgent site itself; so you don’t need your own blog to start. It’s completely free too!

Birchbox  (US), Loose Button (US and Canada), Glossybox (UK)

For my fellow beauty bloggers, the above three are like holy grails of awesome. Each is a service that for $10USD (Birchbox and Loose Button) or £10.00 (Glossybox) per month, will send you a box of PREMIUM samples. These are usually travel-sized versions of various products. But unlike regular samples; these really tend to be good. You can get NARS, Murad, Clinique, too Faced, Dior, Chanel and many many other famous brand’s samples. Each sample will usually last for about a week – just enough time for you to review the product (and buy it if you like it!) Originally these companies were developed for discerning women who didn’t want to blow their money on a luxury product without having tried it – but as a blogger, their low price can be a lifesaver. After all, beauty blogging is expensive business!

Other Bloggers

Yeah that’s right. If the lovely Miss. Li wasn’t enough proof for ‘ya, trust me when I say that your fellow bloggers are INVALUABLE sources of information. You can ask them for advice, you can read their blogs for ideas, you can scan their sidebars for OTHER blogs to read. And networking? Networking is a huge tool for bloggers. It can be as simple as a GFC exchange to something interactive like Guest Posting. Either way, never  underestimate the power of the fellow blogger.

:3 Well that’s all for now.

<3 EA

Suteki Maid Cafe

So, i’m a ghost member of my school’s anime club. For those of you who don’t know what that means (and to whom I have not given a long speech on the subject): In most schools for a club to form there are a required number of members. But some clubs cannot get the number of members required or want to stay small. What to do? You get people you know to sign the FORM that states they are in the club but they never show up. Schools don’t usually check up on meetings so as long as the form says there are the required number of members the club can form. The ghost members need never be seen. In my case I’m just a ghost member because I can’t ever go to meetings. But I do love the club dearly! I’d show up regularly if I could, but it conflicts with other school requirements.

Anyway, my school’s Anime Club decided it would host a Maid and Butler Café to benefit Relay For Life. And, it just so happened to take place during my limited break between classes! MEMBERSHIP AHOY! I was lucky that my new friend (whom I will refer to as Coquette) texted me right then to hang out. So I dragged her to the maid café , aptly named Suteki Maid & Butler café