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When Blogging Takes Over

It’s amazing how quickly something as benign as blogging can take over your life. It went from a completely personal, sporadically updated journal to a blog that fully expresses my desire to share my feelings about fashion and beauty with THE WORLD (aka: my 3 followers.) It’s a pretty huge turnaround from the original TRFT. The website itself started out as nothing more than the fruits of one bad case of writer’s block. I couldn’t finish a particular fanfiction but I felt I needed a creative outlet. How things change!

One thing I’ve noticed is that blogging seeps its way into my everyday life. When i’m out with Bucket (my boyfriend) or just hanging out at school – my eyes are always searching for something to blog about. I haven’t yet garnered the courage but there are a few girls at school whom i’d love to interview about their personal style. I keep a watch out for fashion trends and make mental notes of looks I may want to try out. I even bit the bullet and got these fake eyelashes!

Another thing i’ve noticed is that my purchases have gained specific intent. Anyone will tell you I’m something of an…impulse shopper. But now, I think about what I’m going to buy and why I’m going to buy it. After all – if I spend my petty cash on something…petty then what money will be left to buy things I could review? I recently went a little crazy actually and bought a number of things that will become reviews over the next several weeks.


A Boring Post, Followed By A Teaser!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal blog post. I’ve been super excited to do reviews and overviews of beauty related things, it just kind of got pushed to the side. But this is my blog and i’ll bore you guys if I want! Not to worry though: subscribers aren’t sent notifications about personal posts (at least – they shouldn’t be anymore.) Anyway, i’d tell you guys that don’t care about Eden-Avalon the person to leave but then you’d miss out the teaser pics for my next few reviews at the end of the post. …Or you could just scroll down.


Wiggin’ Out

Erm...No Thanks Brit.

There has been at least one day in every woman’s life when she decided she was going to give up. When the fly aways too airborne, the tangles un-tameable and the frizz too much like the junk you pull out of your dryer what does one do? No. Tempting as it may be to follow in Miss. Britney Spears’ shaved head example, ridding yourself of your hard grown locks is not the answer. I’ll do another blog at some point on taming your hair the natural way, the unnatural way and a combination of both. But today is a day for the lazy woman. And that lazy woman is me.