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A Social Experiment Day

Anyone outside of the online community that knows me even remotely well knows that I am less than social. Some (everyone) might even venture so far as to say that I am antisocial. With my aspie tendencies, avoidance, my social anxiety and my general disdain for humanity make me hesitate to really spend any time with people. I like being alone, or with the cats.

The rare people that have managed to make it into my life are there to stay, don’t get me wrong. I don’t accept people easily and usually it happens on a gut instinct. I get a good feeling about someone, I am instantly completely devoted to them. People make me uncomfortable. I feel that instant friendliness is a mask for some sort of potential personal gain. I’m never friendly on first site. Hell, I can be downright bitchy.

Today started out like any other day. Get up. Fall back asleep. Be nauseous. Fall asleep. Work. Fall asleep. Get ready for school and go.

This is where the routine changed.



It is a curious quirk of the human body that the things we ingest often come in one way and out another. For instance, part of the reason that we are carnivorous creatures is that our bodies cannot break down the plant material cellulose. And while we may consume copious amounts of liquor at parties and the occasional boring church lecture (jk!) it is grain alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, cannot be drunk because the liver converts it into methanol and acetone (like – the better do your nails with.)

USELESS INFORMATION? Yes! But prevalent seeing as I just managed to accidentally swallow a capful of the stuff. Now i’ve already been asked how one can accidentally swallow rubbing alcohol and trust me it is possible. The tale goes something like this:

I was cleaning my laptop’s keyboard (Merlin has been using it as a butt-heater). Part of this process involved dipping q-tips in alcohol to wipe down some of the tighter spaces. In order to dip the q-tips I decided to use my water bottle’s cap as a holding facility. When the job was done I simply replaced the cap on my water bottle and completely forgot about it. One or two hours later I decided to partake in the cool refreshing liquid only to spit it out as soon as it hit my mouth because it tasted of rubbing alcohol. Realizing my mistake I laid down and waited to die…

When that didn’t happen I called my doctor and the Poison Control Center, both of whom informed me that I’d swallowed less than an Ounce and wouldn’t require any medical care. Bull, I say. My throat feels oddly numb and cold and I have heartburn something awful. Or maybe that’s just the sting of almost throwing-up from having to talk to Anima and Ona again (DESUDESUDESUDESU). Who knows?

Don’t mock me! It could happen to you. ; w ;
<3 EA


So, I dropped my wireless mini-mouse one too many times and it finally crapped out on me. Luckily, my Uncle was willing to spot me the cash (all of it went to Shiro’s Vet Bills) for a replacement. I absolutely love it. I was a little iffy about the size and shape at first (it’s FAT) but I quickly adjusted. I love the fact that it works on just about any surface. Definitely recommend getting one if you’re in the market. It’s pretty good for a portable laptop mouse: five buttons, laser pew-pew tracking and non-bluetooth for the energy saver in you. It’ll apparently run for a year on a single battery! The shape took about five seconds of getting used to before it became infinitely more comfortable than the old one (may it R.I.P).

Also, completely against my better judgment and that of my BF I went ahead and splurged on an iPod Touch 4g. That damn built-in microphone was just too much to resist. I love it and the one Dustin bought me has a good home with my little sister – but there’s just one thing that bugs me…I have to re-do my PERFECT SCORE on Angry Birds! It’s not the first time I’ve had to go through the entire game again, in fact it’ll be the 4th, so I know it’s doable. At the same time I wish there was some way to just preserve my scores in perpetuity so I could admire them from time to time. They are just so pretty.