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Productivity Begets Illness

So, over the course of the last two days i’ve been working on:

1. Creating my younger sister’s wordpress

2. Getting the Neko Kao smilies/moods you see above implemented through Cricket Moods and some fun PHP editing.

3. Getting the “I’m Listening To” custom field to display in just the right place. I wanted it below the mood but I’m in no condition to get it there right now because…


Man Am I Tired!

What I seriously need to start considering is a life. I mean, I just spent an entire free day getting my personal website back up and running. It’s got about 10% left to go but MAN am I satisfied. I haven’t been this fulfilled since I finished watching all three seasons of Avatar – The Last Airbender with Dustin.

Don’t get me wrong. I love TRFT, I do. What working on it’s new setup made me realize was that I really don’t like my host. Way-back-when I did everything manually (the site runs on WordPress now) there was no issue. What did I care if Yahoo disabled the mail() function or didn’t give me access to the htacces and php.ini files? I was doing it on my own! I didn’t need php files that called up obscure functions.