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New Home

Just a super quick post to let everyone know that I’m starting the process of moving over from Yahoo to HostGator. The website may go up or down for a week or so as things move over and shift around but there should be no interruptions after that point. I also plan on getting a new domain name to host my beauty-related posts (my personal and graphics/user content will remain on TRFT.) So excited!

<3 EA

I Use My Webcam As A Mirror

WARNING WARNING: Self indulgent post. Semi rant…but not really. More like a declaration of stuff everyone already knows.

The prototypical image of Eden-Avalon, as described by a few long-…long-…long-term friends is as depicted below:


A long time ago: I decided it was far more convenient to use a good webcam as a mirror, rather than an actual mirror. That way I could stay on my laptop while maintaining my GLORIOUS SHINE. For a very long time, my only friends were males. Scratch that. My only friends were males ONLINE. With a handle like AvalonWitch, I’m surprised no one realized I was a girl earlier. The first instance of my being recognized as a member of Club Boobs was over a game of D&D via webcam chat. After that (that being the cancellation of the game to discuss whether or not I was REALLY a girl and many requests of “SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!”) I decided to make it quite obvious to anyone online that I was of the feminine gender.

I’ve gone through quite a metamorphosis. I used to be stick thin and averse to any socializing whats-so-ever-. Then I was grossly obese, bedridden and  chatting with online boys who couldn’t wrap their minds around a girl that liked video games. Now I’ve fallen into what Bucket likes to call “Curvy” and am somewhere between ironically social or voluntarily awkward. I embrace my nerdiness, I really do. From HEAVILY judgmentally toned remarks about how my sister didn’t know what a Venutian was to physically shoving people out of the way when they block my Stark Trek – I like nerdy stuff. I love computers, I love the warez and cracking scene and XKCD is my secret obsession. But…I use my webcam as a mirror.

But this post isn’t about boring you guys with my self-imposed contradictory nature. It’s about something that’s started bugging me as of…like an hour before I wrote this post. My blog lacks nerd!


Cutest Website Update Ever

So! If we ignore the fact that as of late my posts have circled the realm of Beauty and Fashion like a vulture around a tasty carcass, it is safe to say that i’m not a cute type person.

Wait before you disagree friends! People who know me online will often describe me in one way, whereas people who know me IRL will describe in in another. I have yet to be able to get the two sides to agree fully on who I am; there’s no way I’M going to try to solve the puzzle here. Not really anyway. Below are two images which I feel best identify the differences between IRL Ava and Online Ava