It’s amazing how quickly something as benign as blogging can take over your life. It went from a completely personal, sporadically updated journal to a blog that fully expresses my desire to share my feelings about fashion and beauty with THE WORLD (aka: my 3 followers.) It’s a pretty huge turnaround from the original TRFT. The website itself started out as nothing more than the fruits of one bad case of writer’s block. I couldn’t finish a particular fanfiction but I felt I needed a creative outlet. How things change!

One thing I’ve noticed is that blogging seeps its way into my everyday life. When i’m out with Bucket (my boyfriend) or just hanging out at school – my eyes are always searching for something to blog about. I haven’t yet garnered the courage but there are a few girls at school whom i’d love to interview about their personal style. I keep a watch out for fashion trends and make mental notes of looks I may want to try out. I even bit the bullet and got these fake eyelashes!

Another thing i’ve noticed is that my purchases have gained specific intent. Anyone will tell you I’m something of an…impulse shopper. But now, I think about what I’m going to buy and why I’m going to buy it. After all – if I spend my petty cash on something…petty then what money will be left to buy things I could review? I recently went a little crazy actually and bought a number of things that will become reviews over the next several weeks.

Things I Bought

  1. 5 New Circle Lenses (In addition to the 4 I have yet to review)
  2. 16 Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Make Up Products
  3. 2 Small Kanekalon Hair Accessories
  4. 1 Kanekalon Hair Extension
  5. 1 Remy (Human Hair) Extension Set

I’ve also been eyeing a few potential wigs and some 3d Artificial Nails.

Another thing is that I really do tend to notice is things like hits and new visitors. I have three great affiliates: Frequently Flabbergasted, Aye Vanity and Strawberry Gashes. I plan on being pretty discriminating in my affiliates so I may add either a rotation bar or a Link Exchange to open up connections with those that don’t fit my affiliation requirements. I think i’ll also start putting a blogroll up. All of these changes will come along with my next layout, which I’m already working on.

So when I noticed I was getting hits from a site to which i’d never been, I was interested. For the first time someone added me to their blogroll whom I didn’t know and hadn’t commented on ; w ; I was so touched!

My mystery beneficiary is Sara at Pretty Peepers. Naturally, I’ve visited the blog and she too reviews Circle Lenses and other products. A self proclaimed makeup noob, it’s nice to see that there are other bloggers like myself out there: fresh and maybe inexperienced but oh so eager to write!

Sara’s latest post listed a number of goals that she had. This got me thinking about my own goals for this blog. Among her goals was a desire for more Google Friend Connect followers. As I share this goal, I instantly became a follower myself. Her (very smart) idea for getting more followers was to host a giveaway that will cease when she’s met her 300 follower goal. Details of her giveaway are below:

New Goal Spring Giveaway

Prizes Include:

  1. North American Hemp Co. Hair Product Samples
  2. ELF Plumping Lip Glaze in Fire Coral
  3. Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings
  4. ELF Lip Gloss in Honey Do
  5. ELF Minty Lip Gloss in Miami
  6. H&M Spring Nails mini polish set

Obviously you should go check out the giveaway!

I don’t want to drop the blog ball myself so I came up with my own list of goals as well!

  1. Get 200 Followers
  2. Buy A Tripod (So my video reviews won’t be so shaky!)
  3. Finish The New Layout For TRFT (With 80% Less Sarcasm!)
  4. Connect With Other Fellow Bloggers (It’s All About Networking)
  5. Decide On What I Want To Do For My First Giveaway (Free Circle Lenses? Free Remy Hair Extensions? Free Makeup?)
  6. Add Makeup Tutorials To My Blog!
  7. Do More Fashion/Style Related Posts

Which of these goals should I work on first? Do you have any preferences about my giveaway? Am I selfish to want more followers?

Tell me what you think.

<3 EA