Erm...No Thanks Brit.

There has been at least one day in every woman’s life when she decided she was going to give up. When the fly aways too airborne, the tangles un-tameable and the frizz too much like the junk you pull out of your dryer what does one do? No. Tempting as it may be to follow in Miss. Britney Spears’ shaved head example, ridding yourself of your hard grown locks is not the answer. I’ll do another blog at some point on taming your hair the natural way, the unnatural way and a combination of both. But today is a day for the lazy woman. And that lazy woman is me.

Unless you’re a cosplayer, a weave aficionado or someone who needs to don the faux locks for medical reasons – chances are you don’t own a wig. Why would you? You have a perfectly good set of dead protein strands on your head right? Well dear readers, the fact of the matter is that with prices going down and beauty expectations going up wigs are becoming a viable option for the every-day person.

Let’s face it. If we look like shit we feel like shit. Thank you media/men/society/genetics! Sometimes good hair can be the difference between being able to tolerate your co-worker’s annoying hyena laugh with a smile and pulling a Rambo style death scene. Bad Hair Day + Wig = THE WORLD GOES ON TO SUCK ANOTHER DAY

Case and Point…

My boyfriend’s friend’s wedding should have been a wonderful, spectacularly awkward day of it’s own according. Instead I spent most of the day unhappily tugging at my uncooperative hair. (In it’s defense, it was both windy and rainy that day.) What had begun as soft beachy curls ended up…well…you can see for yourself. It wasn’t pretty.

All this could have been avoided if 1) I’d bothered to set the curls properly or 2) I’d worn the wig I had wanted to wear that day. But there was something so horrendously taboo about being seen by my boyfriend wearing a wig. I would have felt self conscious. Luckily I got over it and thus began my adventures into every-day wig wearing. No crazy colors, no conventions, no fun Asian dancing…just a girl and the sweet comfort of knowing my hair looked better than a tumbleweed.

Things began unadventurously enough. A few kooky extensions here, a few thicker more “natural” looking extensions there. Finally I was ready. I bought my first full-on wig. If you can’t figure out how it went dear readers then consider this. My next review-post will be a review of my very first wig, Cliss’s WL-40 model. From then on I plan on posting other wig reviews in the hopes of inspiring you to try them out for yourself. Whether you think you only live once or a thousand times, why spend one life feeling less than AWESOME? Whatever it is you have to do to make yourself feel pretty: copious amounts of makeup, painting your toenails despite the fact that you only wear closed toe shoes, doubling the size of your iris via circle lens or plopping some Kanekalon fiber on your head, DO IT.

Just make sure you’re doing it for you.

:3 Review to come soon.

<3 EA